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Bloody Visions
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Bloody Visions    
Chapter 1
"The Ability"

        Hello, my name is Chastity Moora.  I have this ability that is scary.  When I was told of this ability by a gypsy a few years back before it started, I was told it would get worse as I got older and that the ability must be stopped on its own.  At the moment, I am eighteen years old and am turning nineteen tomorrow.

        For my birthday, I have decided to go on a cruise to Disneyland with nine of my friends.  And so, the adventure begins...

Chapter 2
"Lets Get Goin'"

        The next day, every one of my friends were to be invited over.  First person I invite over is my boyfriend, Ash Drivvel.  "Hey sweetheart, it's my birhday and I'm inviting my friends over to my big birthday vacation," I tell Ash over the phone.  "Alright, my brother's going to come too and his girlfriend," he replies.  "Who's his girlfriend?" I ask.  "Hazel Bermont," Ash answers, "alright Chastity babe, I'm going to come over now, see you soon, love you," Ash says then hangs up.

        Next person I call is my cousin, Keiko Finnez.  "Hey Keiko, want to come along on my birthday vacation?" I ask her over the phone.  "Would love to," Keiko answers back, "can I bring Emmanuel?" she asks.  "Well, don't want everyone to get lonely so yeah," I tell Keiko.  "Alright, be over soon," Keiko says then hangs up.

        I then decide to call my best friend, Cameron Green, Keiko's boyfriend, Emmanuel's brother.  "Hey Cam... wanna come on my birthday vacation?" I ask him.  "Can America come too?" he asks.  "Everyone's bringing their boyfriends and girlfriends so of course," I reply.  "Fine, we'll be over in a minute," Cameron says then after a quick goodbye, hangs up.

        Seven down, only two more to go.

        Right when I start dialing up my other best friend Sandy, my sister waltzes into the room.  "You are taking me and Chance aren't you?" she asks.  With a sigh, I hang up the phone.  "Fine, I guess you can go," I tell her.

        Just then, the doorbell rings and all of my friends show up.  I hand out the drinks and go out to pack all the luggage into the car.  Once finished, I go inside and tell all my friends we're set for our vacation.  Everyone finishes their drinks and head out the door to their cars.

Chapter 3
"The First Vision"

        After two hours of driving, we finally pull into the cruise ship parking lot on the ship.  We wait for half an hour until the entire space is filled.  We all get out, grab our luggage and lock our car doors then enter the ship, getting our tickets ripped in half by the ticket checkers.  We then go and find our rooms.

        Exhausted from the trip, I lay on the bed and close my eyes.  All of a sudden, America Finnez comes into view.  Standing high over the low balcony, on top of her balcony reiling of her room, she cries as she finds herself forced to jump.  "Goodbye," she whispers as she falls backwards off the reiling after being shot in the chest by a gun.  All of a sudden, blood replaces the vision, I open my eyes quickly.  I start to cry, I grab a kleenex and wipe my face of my tears.  I look down at the kleenex to find it all bloody.  My eyes grow wide.  "This means it was real," I whisper.  "What was that darling?" Ash asks me.  "It was real," I say with wider eyes now.  "What was, honey?" Ash asks again.  I push past Ash, running over to Cameron and America's room.  Cameron no where to be seen, nor anyone else.

        I run over to the balcony and look down to see a dark figure on the lower balcony.  I dash out of the room and flee down the steps.  "Chastity!  What is it?!" I hear Ash yell to be from above.  "No time, Ash!" I yell and bolt out the double doors on the lower floor.  I search around to find no one.  I then start to feel foolish.  "It was nothing," I whisper to myself.  I then turn around and gasp.

        I then see America hanging from a loose spot on the wall.  I look at her mangled body and see the puncture wound from the gun shot.  "Oh my god!  We have a killer on board!" screams a lady behind me, "you, you're going to pay!  Security!  Security!" she screams, running to find security.  I run from the scene to my room to find Ash sitting on the bed.  I burst into tears.  "What is it baby?" he asks me as I collapse into his arms.  "America, she's dead and this lady thinks I killed her," I cry.  "Did you?" he asks.  "Why would I? I have no motive," I reply crying even more.  "Lets go to bed and figure this out in the morning," Ash says then lays me down on the bed.  I get into bed and fall asleep.

Chapter 4
"Drowning Vision"

        The next day, I awaken to an empty bedside.  I get up and walk into the hall and find Ash talking to teary eyed Cameron.  The devastation of hearing his precious lover had been found dead I could see in his eyes.  I then walk over and link arms with Ash.  "What's going on you guys?" I ask, watching Cameron burst into even more tears.  "I have just informed Cameron of his girlfriend's death," Ash tells me as he wraps his arms around me.  "I'm so sorry Cameron," I say, "I hope that you eventually will be able to move on in your life."  Cameron looks up at me with tears swelling up in his eyes.  "How can I move on? She was my love, my life!" Cameron yells bursting into tears and running back into his room.

        I turn around and take hold of Ash.  "Lets go out for brunch," I tell him.

        After gathering our friends, we go to a very fancy restaurant on the ship.  After pleading for Cameron to come out of his room, he had... now he sits at the table with a plate full of food, not touching a piece.  "Come on Cameron, America would've wanted you to eat," Hazel tells him.  Cameron bursts into tears as he runs from the restaurant.

        Hazel gazes at us.  "I didn't mean to upset him even more," she says with a frown.  "Don't worry about it, lets just go swimming," I tell her.  We all finish up, change into our bathing suits and head down to the pool.

        When we got to the pool, we see that we are the only ones there.  "Oh my god, I forgot my towel," Chance says then heads towards the door.  "I'll come with," Emmanuel says, catching up and walking out with Chance.

        I put my towel down on the chair and dive into the pool.  Fully submerged in the water, another vision comes this time, Chance is grabbing his towel and all of a sudden, he falls to the floor with a knife sticking out of the left side of his back.  All of a sudden, I see so much blood as I come out of the trance.  I quickly kick and struggle to get air.  I finally come to the surface, gasping for air.  I look down and to my horror, I see blood in the pool.   "It was real again!" I scream.  Ash comes over, "what is it baby?" he asks.  "Another vision this time, Chance!" I yell through pure panic.  Ash grabs me and pulls me from the pool.  He puts my towel around me, "calm down sweetie, I know it's hard but calm down," he says, holding me close.

        "Chastity, what happened?" Brooke asks.  "Chance is dead," I tell her.  She shrieks, "how would you know?" she asks.  "Go to your room and see for yourself," I tell her.  Emmanuel returns as Brooke runs out of the room.

        "You!" I scream, running over and pushing Emmanuel to the ground, "you killed Chance!" I scream again.  "What are you talking about?" he yells, "he told me to go ahead and wait for him here so I came back."  "Why would he tell you to do that?!" I scream.  "Because, he said he had something to take care of," he tells me.

        Brooke returns, face covered in tears.

Chapter 5
"The Worst Vision"

        I hug Brooke and look at Emmanuel.  "Then who was up there to do something so rotten as to kill Chance?" I ask Emmanuel.  "Chance is dead?!" Emmanuel shrieks.  "Yeah, and we need to figure out who could have been the one to do it," I reply.  "Well, Cameron's up there, crying his eyes out, never know what someone's capable of when upset," Emmanuel tells me.

        I help Brooke to her room and when we arrive, the room is empty with just a blood splatter sitting in the middle of the room.  "Whoever it is that has done this must have thrown his body overboard," I say under my breath.  "We're all going to go to the club, so you just stay here and get some rest, you've had a hard afternoon," I tell Brooke as I help her to her bed.

        Everyone except Brooke and of course Cameron, get themselves ready and all head down to the club for a night out.  We all get out on the dance floor and dance.  As the song ends, I head over to grab a drink.  A waiter carrying two beers on a tray turns my way and I bump into the tray, bringing both beers down onto me.  Halfway through the falling beers, another vision occurs.

        I see Hazel and Keiko running from the club to go onto the deck to get some fresh air.  All of a sudden, I see both of them get shot in the back by a gun shot.  "No!" I scream... all of a sudden, I'm in my vision.  I turn to see Angelo, one of my friends I have known for years and didn't even know had been on board, holding a gun.  "You!" I scream, "you killed everyone!"  Angelo looks at me with his eyes wide, "Chastity?" "Yep," I say.  "Well, woah dude, you look like a ghost... aren't you at the club?" he asks.  "Yes, but this is a vision," I tell him.  "Woah, you weren't lying," he says, shocked.  "Look," I say, walking towards him as he starts backing up, "I don't know what could have possibly made you want to kill my friends... jealosy... hatred... just the fact that you're a plain loser... but whatever the reason, you need to leave my friends alone, or I will have to take action into my own hands."  "Why shoud I?!" he screams, shooting his gun at me.  The bullets fly right through me.  "I... I can't shoot you," Angelo says in a state of shock.  "What's so surprising?" I ask, grabbing his gun and throwing it overboard.  "You know, this is only a vision... it's not real," he tells me.  "That, my homicidal friend is something you don't realize," I say as I back him up to a reiling.  "All of my visions..." I say, grabbing his jacket and putting my mouth to his ear.  I whisper, "they're all real."  I then push him from me.  He topples over the reiling, hits the next deck's reiling and falls into the water.  All of a sudden, I see a whole bunch of blood that turns into water.

        I come out of the trance, covered in beer.  I look at Ash, "another vision?" he asks.  "Mmm hmm," I say.  "You're crying tears," he tells me.  My eyes grow wide, "really?" I ask.  "Yep," he tells me.  I burst into his arms with happiness.  "Lets just go up to our room," Ash tells me.

        Up in our room, I tell Ash the whole story.  "Well, sounds dangerous," he tells me, "do you just want to go home and rest all of this off?" he asks.  "No," I tell him, "we came here for a reason, we're going to Disneyland and putting this all behind us.

        We pack our things for the ship to dock.  "Are you sure about this?" Ash asks.  "I have never been more sure in my life," I tell him.
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